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Toroid Decimal

Toroid Decimal

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Choose Your Battery

Get ready for the smoothest riding Experience

A high quality electric bicycle that's well-suited to neighborhood, city, and commuting applications.

Electric cycle India


upto 7.5Ah
Electric cycle India


0-100 in 3 hours
Electric cycle India


Up to 35-45kms
Electric cycle India


250 Watt
Electric cycle India

Pay load

125 kgs
Electric cycle India


25 kmph


Wheel Size

24 inch


Power Brakes




350 W BDLC Rear Hub Moter

Gear Set

Not included


34 V 6 AH Li-ion


Upto 35 KMPC

O to 25 KMPH

2.85 Seconds

Charge Time

2 hrs

Top Speed



42 inch - Carbon Steel

Battery Type

Detachable Battery With Aluminum Catching


Frame Material Alloy Steel
Weight 18Kgs
Tires 26X1.95 inch MTB tires
Brakes Front and Rear Disc brakes
Suspension Front suspension
Saddle Adjustable
Wheel Size 26 Inch
Frame size 18 Inch

ElectricalCapacity36V 7.5Ah

Motor A36V 250W
Type BLDC Rear Hub Motor
Torque 36 Nm
Battery Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Life 800-1000 charging cycles
Charger 36V 3A
Brakes Electric cut off brakes
Display LED Display
Ancillary Components
Horn Yes
Head light Yes
Ignition Key Yes
Pedal assist Level 3 Level


I own a Rudra V2.0
I get a range of 88km in real life. I am happy I am getting the claimed range.
Initially when I needed service i faced minor issues but since they have started home service
in Pune and Mumbai i am able to get the desired service.
Also if you are looking for a long range electric cycle this is probably the best one.
Also I just installed the new mud guards are they do their work really well.
I have been using it for more than two months now and i have saved over 4000rs in travelling

The alpha Jargon
I just purchase rudra V2 very best electric cycle,very good responce from Darsh sir,Ravi sir
and pratik sir,cycle is very good atractive and smooth ride

Vitthal Keskar
I own a Toroid Rudra.
This has helped me a lot. I am using it for 120km per day and have saved upto 2400rs per month.
The cycle has been giving me the best perfomance and i suggest others to purchase it as well.
i am extremely satisfied.
The services provided are also amazing

Saroj Pradhan
I have Rudra Pro (June). So far my experience has been good with the bike. My queries were handled by Pratik and timely support were given. He gave necessary guidance while purchasing and customisation requirements as per my needs. Thanks to Pratik and team.

Niveditha Menon
I have been saving over 1000rs per week by using Rudra V2.0.
They have provided me with home service and for any issues they have got it solved in 48 hours in Mumbai.

I purchased this e bike while I was in bengaluru and would like to say that it helped save a ton of money. I was saving approximately 2.75rs per km. I once faced an issue with the battery but the team in bengaluru was so helpful that they took my worries away. It did take about a week to solve it but I appreciate the effort. I would like to recommend this product to all and
say that it is one of the most robust product out there.

The Rudra V2.0 electric cycle is amazing. I have been using it for 3 months and its been a good experience. Its been me giving me the highest range. I am getting a good range of 80-83 in uphill and downhill. I have rode over 660km in 3 months. I faced some issue with the charger but service was swift and they replaced in Quickly. They have started with home service in Hyderabad and its good.

Bharat Reddy
I am a on field due to my sales work. Initially i was spending around 2000-3000 in petrol on my scooter and it was really taking away my savings. After getting The Toroid Rudra V2.0, my honest experience is that I am actually saving alot. Even though 55000 seemed alot at first but I got it in instalments and even after paying the instalment I am saving some amount.
When I purchased it, their technician came to my place in Virar to assemble it and it was really good. The mud guards have been helping me alot.

I have been enjoying this ebike to commute almost 80kms a day and I have loved the performance.

Pramod Pujari
Ebike is the new form of transportation. Traveling almost 30-40km in a go has never been so easy and so cost efficient.


Professional Reviews

How we are different from others?

At Toroid we are on a mission to design vehicle that is purpose and utility driven. We have heard all the needs of yours and have designed Rudra V2.0. This cycle is designed based on Indian consumer needs and purpose. All our material are sourced from the best. Rudra V2.0 is designed to sustain the Indian terrain and whilist meet the needs of an Indian consumer. We aim to design a cycle that exceeds your definition of an electric cycle. Come join us on our mission to revolutionize the way people think about electric cycle

Take Charge and lead the way

Join the electric evolution
with Toroid Rudra V2.0


Frequently Asked Questions

Can any cycle shop service my electric cycle?

Our Electric bike are “maintenance free” meaning that the servicing required can be met by any standard cycle shop.

How often should I service my bike?

All things considered, it’s genuinely simple to keep up your Electric Bicycle without anyone else. We’ll assist you with all the guidelines every once in a while. As for service, most customary bike shops and independent mechanics can support your Electric Bicycle without any problem. With respect to the repairs, our production and QC are smoothed out enough so you won’t need to make visits to the mechanic. After 1 month of ownership or 200-250km riding (this must be completed within 2 months of purchase) Low Use Riders (riding a couple of days a week throughout the year, generally dry days. Typical distance 40-50km per week): Quarterly Service Medium to high use riders: (Regular riding/commuting throughout the year, all weather conditions. Typical distance 100-250 km per week): Quarterly Service.

How do I secure the battery?
Our batteries lock into the bike with a key. The battery also detaches from the frame so you can remove it from the bike when locking it up, if you choose to. All our batteries come with at least 2 keys. Allowing you to keep a spare in a safe place in case you misplace your primary key.

How do I clean and maintain my Toroid Bike?

Never clean the bike with a power hose, use a damp cloth and dry down after cleaning. Before cleaning your e-bike it’s good practice to remove your battery. The cleaning process is just like cleaning a regular push bike. It’s best to use a bike cleaner or just a warm damp cloth. Be careful to avoid the electrics & battery terminals. Never use a high-pressure cleaner to wash your electric bike, it could damage the electronics. Never fully submerge your electric bicycle in water.

How often do I need to charge the battery?

Best practice is to charge the battery after every use. You should never leave your battery uncharged. The Lithium Ion batteries used in our range of electric bikes do not suffer from the memory effect. ‘Memory effect’ or ‘floating Voltage’ are the common terms used for Voltage depression which is usually associated with Ni-Cad and NiMH batteries. The effect is that the battery fails to deliver its original full capacity, seemingly to have ‘remembered’ previous part charge levels.

How long will the battery take to charge?

Our batteries will charge from completely empty to full in 3 hours* for a 7.5 Ah battery and anywhere near 5-6 hours for a 12.5 Ah battery with 2A charger. And 20A battery will charge in 4-5 hours with a 5A charger.

How long will the battery last?

All our batteries will provide 800 – 1000 charge cycles without any power loss and are covered by our 1 year warranty.

What happens if I run out of battery while cycling?

The battery has five LEDs to show you the amount of charge left, so you can plan your ride accordingly. However if you run out of battery you can also pedal just like a standard bicycle.

How does “pedal assist” work?

When you pedal, the motor is automatically activated and will give you an appropriate amount of power depending on your pedaling.

Are e-bikes road legal and do I need a license to ride one?

Yes absolutely, all of our bikes are road legal and you don’t need a license to ride electric bikes that meet the speed limit of 25km/hr. But we do recommend wearing helmet while riding an e-bike for safety purpose.

Can I use my E-bike in the rain?

Yes, all of our e-bikes electrics are safely housed to protect them whilst cycling in even in the rains. It is essential however that after riding in wet weather to remove the battery and dry the battery housing and terminals with a cloth or towel. (Don’t fully submerge the bike in water or wash your frame using a pressure washer.)

Can an electric bike save me money on my commute?

Yes, as a matter of fact next to fitness it’s one of the main reasons people choose to cycle to work. The travel cost per km is as low as 5paise per km.

Does my e-bike arrive fully assembled?

Yes, all our electric bikes are sold come inside a 7 ply cardboard box packing and are 95% assembled. The only thing the customers have to assemble is the front wheel and the handle bar. The tools to fit the same are also provided with the bike.

Are Toroid e-bikes covered by a warranty?

Yes, all our e-bikes come with a one year peace of mind warranty covering the motor and battery. Electronic components such as charger, LCD display, throttle, pedal assist sensor, light, horn and electronic brake cut off also have a 1 year warranty.

How much does a E-Bike weigh?

Our lightest ebike is our model Toroid which weighs in at 19kg, including the battery. Our heaviest commuter bike is our model Maverick weighing in at 30kg and RUDRA weighs 25Kg.The specific weight for each of our models can be found in the specifications of the bike’s page.
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