The Future of Electric Cycles in India: Can Electrification Save the Day?

Electric Cycles are more than just a solution to the problem of rising pollution. They will help India leapfrog into a new age of transportation. A society that is less vulnerable to exogenous shocks and more resilient to the vagaries of climate change. A future with electric bikes looks surreal. But with support, we can make it happen. This blog looks to identify the opportunities and obstacles that lie ahead of the Electric cycle industry in India.

The Electric Cycle market in India

Currently sales of electric bicycles for recreational adventures are increasing. It is one of the main drivers of the Indian market as it is used to navigate rugged terrain. Electric bicycles are also eco-friendly bicycles that replace traditional two-wheeled vehicles because they help reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Along with this several initiatives taken by the Government of India to reduce vehicle pollution have boosted market growth.

Increasing the use of electric bicycles has a positive impact on the market as the cost of ownership and maintenance is very low. In addition, the development of charging infrastructure along with India’s thriving automotive sector provides end users with attractive growth opportunities. In addition, the widespread use of electric bicycles in online and offline stores has increased sales of electric bicycles nationwide. Major market players operating in India are investing heavily in R & D activities to improve product quality. They also focused on integrating lightweight materials to improve battery technology and funding advertising campaigns to increase overall sales. This initiative is expected to boost market growth.

And where it’s going

According to the latest report by IMARC Group, titled " India E-Bike Market: Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2022-2027," the Indian e-bike market exhibited robust growth during 2016-2021. Increased individual participation in sports and leisure activities in India and easy access to Electric Cycles through organized online and offline retail channels create a positive outlook for the market.

The market in India is primarily driven by the rising environmental concerns among individuals. This, along with the widespread prominence of adventure activities across the country, has propelled the demand for bicycles as a preferred mode of transportation, which is acting as a major growth-inducing factor. Moreover, there has been a considerable rise in traffic congestion across the country, which has contributed to the widespread adoption of Electric Cycles among the masses. Furthermore, the increasing health consciousness and the rising awareness regarding the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle has also provided a boost to the uptake of Electric Cycles among the common mass.

India E-Bike Market Size, 2022-2027 (in US$ Million)

How Electric Cycles have impacted people’s lives

Besides saving on CO2 emissions eBikes have a positive impact on other factors of the commute that benefit more than just the plant and the rider.

Saving Money

Each one of the customer of the Toroid Rudra has saved around 2400 INR per month.

No Noise Pollution

An electric bike is next to silent on the road, even when compared to an electric car. How nice would it be to walk down a city street and to not hear the noise of cars?

Less Congestion

Remove one car from the traffic and replace it with an eBiker and you’ve reduced congestion. Imagine what it would be like if everyone rode to work?

Less Road Damage

Electric bicycles have a much smaller footprint than cars, meaning that they damage the road much less, resulting in less frequent road repairs, allowing tax dollars to be spent elsewhere.

Less Air Pollution

No tailpipe means no CO2 and no CO2 means that there is less pollution in the air. This increases the local air quality. Just look at the change in air quality in China and India during the pandemic.

“I own a Toroid Rudra V1.1. This has helped me a lot. I am using it for 120km per day and have saved upto 2400rs per month. The cycle has been giving me the best performance and I suggest others to purchase it as well. I am extremely satisfied.”- Saroj P.

Why Electric Cycles are the future of personal transportation

It’s not an exaggeration to say that eBikes are absolutely the future of transport, and in more ways than one. As cities seek to reduce their pollution, expand natural spaces and ensure a competent cycle network, eBikes will become the de facto standard transport option for many cities.

Ease of Riding

People often forget just how convenient and easy it is to ride a bike. Many people assume that riding a bicycle is bulky and inconvenient, but with bike racks almost everywhere in urban areas, the lack of having to deal with traffic thanks to specialized bike lanes, and the means by which to effectively telegraph your presence via high-vis jackets and lights can help you stay safe through and through, while also enjoying a comfortable ride. eBikes can aid in your cycling, meaning that you need not feel overly taxed even in steep environments


With no need for road tax payment, insurance, a regular maintenance or even worrying about irreplaceable damage should you encounter a problem, it’s not hard to see how cost-effective riding an eBike is. Not only is this cost-effective, but regular use of a stellar eBike can save you from spending unduly on regular fees, repair charges, and legal disputes.


Riding any form of bicycle is a healthy endeavour. It gets the blood pumping while also serving as a comfortable and low-impact exercise that has little to no effect on your joints. Thanks to this, riding an eBike into work each day can serve as a great way of waking up for the morning, coming into the office fresh-faced and rosy, or feeling warmed up before your morning gym workout. Over time, the benefits of cycling compared to sitting down in a car are near endless.


It’s hard to get more environmentally conscious than riding a bicycle. eBikes do run on electricity, sure, but their ability to retain long-term charge via Li-Ion battery installation means the run off environmental effect is more than negligible. This way, you avoid putting carcinogens in the air, avoid polluting, avoid consuming gas or diesel, and have almost no effect on the condition of the city around you.


There is definitely a lot of potential when it comes to the Indian electric cycle market. The future is definitely looking bright. As more people across the country are now able to afford Electric Cycles, we are sure that the market will grow exponentially. The only challenge is that there is a lack of awareness about this mode of transportation, especially in smaller towns. Hopefully, as the market grows, more and more people will be able to reap the benefits of Electric Cycles and it will help in the fight against pollution, especially in cities.

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