How Toroid has been solving your daily commute problem- A User’s Story

How Toroid has been solving your daily commute problem- A User’s Story

Commuting using public/private transport is one of the most stressful part of the day. There are many things that can go wrong, whether you are seated next to a disruptive passenger or trying continuously took get a cab/ auto rickshaw. That is what we at Toroid have decided to solve.

This is the story of Mr, Parag Shimpi from Pune who had been going through the daily commuting problems. Let's take a look on how Toroid has solved his commuting problem.

Hi, my name is Parag Shimpi and I am from Pune, I travel to my work which 25kms one way so the total approximate travel is 50kms a day. Earlier I used to ride my four wheeler to work.

But I was facing some issues, the number one being was the travelling cost, fuel prices were and are not looking that they will reduce anytime soon which has been taking away a considerable amount of money. Not only that anyone from Pune would know how easy it is to get stuck in traffic jams, and sitting there wasting time isn't worth it. And rising pollution as well, and if I can change it a bit even a very tiny bit then that's a great thing right? I did consider bicycle once, but 50kms a day and slow speed isn't going to cut it. That's when I thought let's go with an electric cycle, as it was meeting all my requirements, low travelling and maintenance, no pollution, fast and easy to ride and even comes with pedal assistance where I can pedal when riding leisurely to stay fit.

Even though I feel like electric cycle is a new thing in India, but there are a lot of competitors already. And I was quite an early adopter of it, no-one in my family, friends and relatives had it or any knowledge of it. Then I started digging more information on internet, went on various social media platforms, blogs and a lot of YouTube reviews. I found a few options but I decided to go ahead with Toroid because they had good reviews and it was an Indian manufacturing brand. When I first approached Toroid, I loved their enthusiasm and their sales team. So my criteria to have a good product and good sales service were duly met.

Then it was time to order the cycle finally, I called them gave them my details and as mentioned their team is really good, not only pre sales but they actually are good after sales too. I even got a couple of accessories complimentary so I was quite satisfied.

It has been around a month since I got my hands on this product, and I have been genuinely using it as my primary vehicle, so I take it to my office or on a random ride. The cycle is very sturdy and robust; it is so smooth to ride. And range is near to what company claims which is a perfect.

I bought this cycle after a good amount of research and I feel quite good about my purchase decision. Like, if you are someone looking for a good reliable product and want to save money and stress while travelling, plus you want a good after sales service then you can go with Toroid Rudra V2.0 without any doubts. Also as a nationalist I love brands which focus on Make in India idea and they do exactly that.
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