How an office worker saves thousands of rupees a month!!

How an office worker saves thousands of rupees a month!!

Electric bikes are a great way for office workers to commute to work. They provide a great way to get around and can also save you money. In fact, our recent studies have shown that electric bikes can save you up to Rs. 3000 a month in commuting costs. On top of that, they are a great stress reliever, especially during rush hour.

Benefits of using electric cycles

Ease of Riding

Riding an electric cycle is as easy as riding a normal cycle. In case of a normal cycle you just get on it and start pedalling, whereas in an electric cycle there’s only one extra step that is you just put the key to start and go


Saving money is one of the biggest reason to switch to an electric cycle, and it’s so much cheaper than the alternatives i.e. petrol vehicles and electric scooters even. Electric cycles are way cheaper in long run than you’d expect, don’t believe us, check out our other blog,(Link to “the blog with calculator”) where you can check how much money you will save.


Electric cycles comes with two modes, first is throttle mode, where you simply throttle without pedalling and the cycle will move forward. Another one is Pedal Assist mode, where you can pedal along with throttle to stay fit and get those extra miles in your journey

Saving Environment

Another great reason to switch to an electric cycle is saving our environment, petrol or diesel vehicles emit a lot harmful gases which causes a lot of pollution, major Indian cities are fighting with this problem. And simply by adding an electric cycle to your commute would be a big help.

Why electric bike could be a better office ride?

Apart from all those points mentioned above, a major benefit that an electric cycle would help an office worker would be Stress free commute. Be it standing in long line for buses, auto-rickshaws or metros an electric cycle for within the city commute would be the best option for anyone.
People have started focusing on mental health a lot in recent times, and starting your day with all those hassles to even reach to work, then getting tired from all day’s work and then again going through the hassle of travelling it all adds up and makes a person frustrated all the times.

How an electric bike can save time for an office employee?

Along with stress free commute, there’s another factor that is saving time. People spend hours getting stuck in traffic, recent study in Bangalore showed that due to traffic IT companies are facing hundreds of crores losses because their employees are just stuck in traffic. If people started to use an electric cycle then the traffic would reduce by a lot, and electric cycles have a speed of around 25kmph which is more than enough for within the city commute. People would start to reach on time, save their time and be stress free.


A day with an office worker is all about challenges of time and traffic and how electric bicycles can make things better for them.
We here at Toroid know that with the daily challenges of traffic, time and distance management, it can be tough to get to work on time. With our electric bicycles, we can help you get to where you need to go faster, easier and with less stress. Our cycles are not only fun and easy to use, but they’re also great for the environment. If you have any questions about our e-bikes, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +91 7977311790 and you can also visit to get one for yourself.
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