Electric cycles vs conventional cycles

Electric cycles vs conventional cycles

What are the differences?

Electric cycles can be a great way of getting around and can be helpful if you want to cycle but want a little extra boost. They can provide you with a great way to travel and make your commute easier. However, before you go out and buy an electric cycle, it's best to know the key differences between it and a conventional cycle. Here are some of the key differences between electric cycles and a conventional cycle

The Battery. An electric vehicle as the name suggests uses battery power to work. There are 3 battery options available when you chose to buy our electric cycle first one is the 10ah variant where you can get upto 50kms on a single charge.
Second is 15ah battery which can go upto 70kms to 80kms on a single charge and the last one the biggest available battery out there, which will give you range upto 100kms on a single charge the 20ah battery.
Next is LCD display, it is not a regular display, along with the basic features such as speed, range and pedal assist levels our display will even tell you the error codes if anything malfunctions.

There are also parts like motor, controller, pedal assistance and throttle which helps the electric cycle become the electric cycle.
Apart from all these things there are a few points which make electric cycle better, and they are-
Fast speeds- - One of the many reasons why electric cycles are better is their fast speeds. Our electric cycles can go more than 25km/h, whereas a conventional cycle can go around 10-13km/h, making electric cycles cover double the distance.

Easy to commute- You can literally breeze through the traffic all thanks to its fast speed and compact size compared to other vehicles, making it perfect to use when you have to navigate through busy roads or areas.
Lesser effort- It takes low or minimum effort to ride an electric cycle, you can just ride it all around on throttle mode, or you can switch to pedal assist mode according to your comfort.

So as you can see, there are a lot of differences between an electric cycle and a conventional cycle. And an electric cycle has an edge over the conventional cycles due to what they are capable of. We hope that this blog has helped you learn more about both types of cycles and to know any more information contact us at +91 7977311790, or visit our website toroid.in to start your electric journey.
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